You’re pretty, but can you be fluffy? Yeast we can!

Enzymes. Fermentation. Carbon dioxide. 5 ways yeast can make donuts fluffier.5 ways yeast can make donuts fluffier.

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This simple infographic tells us the following about donuts:

1. You can make fluffier donuts by using yeast as the leavening agent.

2. Yeast are living single cell micro-organisms. When dry, they are dormant, but become active when water is added.

3. Yeast enzymes break down simple sugars (monosaccharides) found in the dough’s starch, which are long chains (polysaccharides) of glucose, a simple sugar.

4. This is called fermentation. Carbon dioxide – CO2 – is produced and causes the dough to rise.

5. We can see the effect of the CO2 . Just look at the air pockets in the inside of the donuts, which make them softer and fluffier.


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