Do-nut know much about donuts? Now you do.

Frying. Heat transfer. Maillard reactions. 5 things we do know about donuts.5 things we do know about donuts

Morsels of Marvels – References and Credits

1. Most donuts are fried. When placed in oil, water evaporates, dehydrating the surface and forming a crispy crust.

2. The crust is golden brown because of Maillard reactions.

3.  The heat from the oil is conducted (heat transferred) into the insides of the donuts, cooking them.

4.  The crust plays an important role. It forms a layer that prevents oil from being absorbed into the donuts.

5.  The right temperature is key. If it is too low, the crust does not form fast enough, oil is absorbed and the insides become oily. If too high, the donuts are burnt.


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