Stay cool with a cold brew coffee

Temperature. Solubility. Oxidation. 5 reasons why a cold brew coffee is sweet and smooth.

cold brew coffee

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1. A cup of cold brew coffee, like other types of coffee drinks, is a solution of water and “coffee solubles” (made up of a variety of oils, acids and aromatic molecules).

2. Hot water will dissolve coffee solubles to produce a full-bodied cup of coffee; but also cause the oils in coffee solubles to oxidize more quickly and turn the drink sour.

3. Oxidation of the coffee solubles still takes place but much slower in the cold brew method. If kept cold, the drink will taste smooth and not bitter or acidic.

4. The solubility of coffee grounds decreases greatly in cold water (or room temperature water). Hence it will take a longer time – from 2 to 24 hours – to fully extract the flavors of the coffee solubles.

5. Not all coffee solubles, especially those causing undesirable flavors, will dissolve in cold water. This thus explains the sweet notes of flavor in a cold brew coffee.


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