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Oxidation. Infusions. Enzymes. 5 things no cafe tells you about drinking tea.5 things no cafe tells you about drinking tea

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1. Not all “teas” are teas! Teas made from herbs and flowers (such as chamomile) for example are not teas. They are just infusions of herbs and flowers.

2. Real teas come from only one plant – Camellia sinensis – and its hybrids.

3. Native to East, South, Southeast Asia, they are now cultivated all around the world.

4. There are three types of real tea depending their oxidation levels.

– 100% oxidized: black

– 2-80%: white/oolong

– 0% oxidized: green

Like all oxidation processes, enzymes and oxygen react with the chemical compounds in tea.

5. The oxidation process was assumed for a long time to be fermentation. As you read books and articles about tea, many of them might still confuse the two.

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