Play with your food.

Acetic Acid. Calcium Carbonate. Membranes. And how to turn your egg into a toy.


Turn eggs into bouncing balls by dissolving the shells and leaving the membranes1-Minute NomNom

Eggs have a shell that is made of calcium carbonate (CaCO3) crystals. The eggshell

1) is porous (see the 1-Minute NomNom “Get fresh“)

2) has membranes that can contract upon cooling to create an important air bubble (see the 1-Minute NomNom “Eggs-tra ap-peeling“)

3) allows unhatched eggs to breathe (because of the air bubble) (see the 1-Minute NomNom “Chicks love Air Supply“.

To see how amazing these egg membranes are, take a look at this video below! The eggshell has been dissolved with acetic acid (vinegar), leaving us with a “membranes-only” egg that we can use as a toy! Talk about eggs-tra bouncy!

Second Helpings

Watch how strong the membranes are in this second video below where we see how “stretchy” they are despite being so “thin”!

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What else do we use acetic acid (vinegar) for? Share your tips and tricks in the comments below!


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