Pulling noodles is pure torturellini.

Hooke’s Law. Proteins. Chemical Bonds. And how to pull noodles like a master chef.


1-Minute NomNom

Making delicious noodles by hand is a fine art. It is also about fine science: it is about proteins, chemical bonds called cross-links, and Hooke’s Law. These all come together to make springy, elastic and fresh-tasting noodles.

Even top chefs who are learning it for the first time may struggle, as you can see from the Gordon Ramsay video above.

You can see how others do it:

1) Chef Tomm, who calls hand-pulled noodles “one of the world’s best kept secrets”

2) Tiny Urban Kitchen, which is “one girl’s search for hand-pulled noodles” and how she learns to make them herself

3) Cool high speed/slow motion videos of the secret of noodle pulling, and the historical links to culture from a Korean travel documentary

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