The world according to donuts.

Science. History. Culture. 5 lessons donuts teach us about the world.5 lessons donuts teach us about the world.

Morsels of Marvels – References and Credits

1. In WWI and WWII, donuts were distributed to US soldiers to give them a “tasty touch of home”, helping to make them a popular treat even after the wars.

2. How the crusts of donuts become golden brown is an example of Maillard reactions.

3. The frying of donuts shows how heat transfer (such as conduction) from the hot oil cooks the insides.

4. Yeast makes donuts fluffier through fermentation. Yeast as single cell micro-organisms can teach us about asexual reproduction through mitosis.

5. No one can confirm how the hole in the donut came about. I guess you could say we simply do-nut know. Holes in history are quite common and hence it shouldn’t stop us from learning about the world.


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