Global wrap! Five food-nomena we love! (#2)

Food-nomena delivered from around the world!

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I love food science, but I also devour food stories that give me a taste of the world’s cultures and connections. Here are five of my favorites this week!

1. If you think salad would be awesome doused in sweet peanut butter sauce, Indonesian food might be just your thing.

2. Each region in India has its own biryani, be it subtle or spicy, saffron-scented or minty. But everywhere, rice lovers are loyal to this royal dish.

3. Japanese comfort food finds a home in Berlin, serving up Japanese-style pancakes, curry and more.

4. Please, sir, I want some more fish and chips… Britons can’t get enough of their ubiquitous national dish.

5. Check out photos of widely different school lunches around the world. I’ll have what the Italian kid is having.


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And with these five delicious food-nomena, it’s a global wrap! Till next time!


Recipes! Toast!


Yummy for the Tummy

There are few satisfying meals simpler than toast slathered with your favorite spread. But don’t limit it to peanut butter and jelly. When it comes to topping a blank canvas, the only limit is your imagination.

And it all starts with the humble toast. Try these recipes with perfectly toasted bread!

1. Avocado toast

2. Creamed mushroom toast

3. Poached egg and parmesan cheese toast


Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 6.02.39 pmTry them today and while you are munching your perfectly toasted bread, find out more about chewy breads too! How do you like to make your toast? Share your favorite toast recipes!


 photo: fcafotodigital/depositphotos